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Is Walking Barefoot Good for Babies and Toddlers?

Barefoot Walking Baby

Nowadays, parents are exposed to a plethora of information – be it through advertising, the internet, magazines, or friends. These sources often contradict each other, leaving parents uncertain about whether it is beneficial or harmful to let their babies walk barefoot.

You hear opinions both in favor of barefoot walking and advertisements praising the virtues of certain shoes for toddlers, even for children who cannot yet walk.

Benefits of Babies Walking Barefoot

Does being barefoot affect a baby’s cognitive development? As mentioned in older articles, our gait develops over the course of our lives. Neurologically and in terms of tactile sensitivity, babies‘ feet have a much finer sensitivity than their hands until the age of eight or nine months.

In the first few months, feet serve an important function: they provide the baby with information about the outside world. With them, the baby touches everything within reach, manipulates them with their hands, and puts them in their mouth, where nerve endings are particularly numerous. As they grow older, this sensitivity gradually decreases.

Tactile Information and Development

Constantly wearing shoes deprives babies of important tactile information and the perception of the position and movement of their feet in space, which plays a central role in the nervous system. In the sensorimotor phase (from birth to the age of two), manipulation, movement, and the organization of sensory information are crucial. Here, the child gains first notions of self, space, time, and causality.

Feet, as sensitive sensors, contribute to better intelligence development. Walking barefoot on various, even uneven surfaces, promotes muscle development and proprioception.

Should Babies Walk Barefoot?

Absolutely! In the pre-walking phase, a baby should be barefoot as often as possible, especially in a protected, warm, and clean environment. It is also often observed that babies in these early phases easily take off their shoes because they simply feel more comfortable without them.


Walking barefoot is not only natural but also beneficial for the healthy development of feet and the overall intelligence of babies. Parents should utilize this simple but effective practice to support their child’s natural movement and perception.

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