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The Top Twenty Blog’s For Barefoot Running, Walking and Shoes

Barefoot running and walking has recently become somewhat of a hot topic within running and exercise communities, for the health benefits and the freedom that it gives you. So here is a list of the best twenty barefoot running/walking/shoes blogs on the internet, (in no particular order)!

1. http://barefootrunningshoes.org/blog/ This blog is actually on the website barefoot running shoes which sells all the different shoes to wear for barefoot running, so once you have been inspired by the blog you can buy the shoes to start this hobby. This blog has a wide range of different articles, from finding the best shoes to the barefoot news from around the world.

2. http://www.barefootted.com/index.php?q=/ Bare foot Ted is the website of a barefoot running enthusiast which includes tweets and a forum for other enthusiasts. As well as many posts regarding why you should run barefoot, the health benefits as well as the offer for coaching to improve your technique!

3. http://www.livingbarefoot.info/ This website provides an excellent analysis of a wide range of different barefoot shoes that you can wear, and also there is a selection of blog posts that are filed by topic, to make it easier to navigate around the website.

4. http://shodless.com/ this is quite a vibrant blog and has a lot of fresh information that seems to be updated regularly. It also includes frequently asked questions about going barefoot and a forum for people to discuss their own experiences.

5. http://barefootprof.blogspot.co.uk/ This blog not only provides insight into activities such as barefoot running and walking but being barefoot in every aspect of your life such as barefoot driving, and going shopping barefoot. This site shows that being barefoot doesn’t just have to be for exercise but can be a way of life instead.

6. http://societyforbarefootliving.wordpress.com/ this is another blog that sees being barefoot as a way of life rather than a way to exercise. Although there doesn’t seem to be much new content on the site there are plenty of previous articles and also useful links to groups for other barefoot walkers.

7. http://enjoy-going-barefoot.blogspot.co.uk/ Enjoy going barefoot is a blog that is kept well up to date and follows Jonathan and his day to day experiences of why he enjoys going barefoot. Not only does he exude enthusiasm for going barefoot but he also shares his personal experiences and feelings which make for an interesting read.

8. http://feelthedirt.co.uk/ Is a blog about both barefoot and minimalist running within the United Kingdom, which is attempting to inspire more people within the UK to take up this hobby as it has not taken off as largely as it has in some other countries such as America.

9. http://barefootrunninguniversity.com/ Provides a massive range of information about barefoot running, including a in depth how to guide, reviews on how to buy the best shoes to suit your needs and the chance to buy merchandise from the barefoot running university.

10. http://sierrathebarefootgirl.blogspot.co.uk/ Sierra has decided to keep an active record of her barefoot adventures which make for an interesting read. The blog includes lots of pictures of where she has gone barefooting and personal feelings of why she chooses to live her life barefoot.

11. http://www.barefooting.eu/ Barefooting is a well designed site for those who simply love being barefoot. Not only does it spell out the great health benefits of going barefoot but it also describes the social benefits of it and the best ways to take care of your feet when going barefoot.

12. http://www.barefootbeginner.com/ Is a great site that shows the real trials and tribulations that a beginner to going barefoot may experience and gives a real barefooter’s advice on how to get over those problems, and shows that other people go through the same issues as well.

13. http://www.invisibleshoe.com/blog/ This site is designed for those who prefer to use the “invisible shoes” rather than going completely barefoot. It also provides an opportunity to buy the invisible shoes and make your own. The blog is kept up to date and is categorised into categories such as barefoot hiking and barefoot running, which makes it easy to navigate.

14. http://www.runbare.com/michael-sandler-blog This is a promotional blog for the DVD “Run Bare” and also a how to book. However there is also some really useful information even if you don’t decide to buy any of the products, such as how to stretch to get the best performance and keep up your health.

15. http://birthdayshoes.com/ Birthday shoes is another term for barefoot shoes and this site contains everything you need to know about the wide range of minimalist or barefoot shoes and also shows you the best places to buy the shoes and the cheapest deals that are currently on.

16. http://www.barefootathlete.co.uk/blog/ Barefoot Athlete blog covers everything from the best barefoot running technique to the various reasons why people would take up barefoot running and also tests the newest shoes on the market, and gives his opinion.

17. http://www.inbetweenmytoes.com/ This site is a modern site that discusses not only the normal barefoot running topics whilst following the runners day to day adventures but also discusses apps that barefoot runners can use and twitter accounts they can follow and a new ebook that can be downloaded.

18. http://www.sportsister.com/blogs/barefoot-running/ Danielle in her blog is trying out the sport of barefoot running, whilst investigating the market of the different shoes. Initially she only intended to do a half marathon but this has passed but her passion for going barefoot has continued!

19. http://barefootrunning.com/ This is a comprehensive blog about all things related to being barefoot, and claims to be the original running barefoot website. It has a wide range of blog posts as well as information for barefoot events and groups you can join!

20. http://michaelsbarefootrunning.blogspot.co.uk/ Not only does this site discuss barefoot running it also provide lots of other general health, diet and fitness advice which will help improve your running as well.

So that is the top twenty blogs on the internet at the moment!

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