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Calculating Children’s Shoe Size: How to Find the Perfect Fit for Little Feet

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„I determine my child’s shoe size by putting my finger behind the heel. If it fits, I choose that shoe. I also press the front to see where the big toe ends.“

This method is often used by parents to find the right shoe size for their children. But is it really reliable?

Why Traditional Methods Are Inaccurate

The common practice of placing a finger between the heel and shoe or pressing the toe cap isn’t always accurate. Here are some reasons why these methods can be unreliable:

  • The toe cap isn’t always soft.
  • The big toe isn’t always the longest toe.
  • The ankle must fit well in the shoe to provide support.

How to Calculate the Right Shoe Size for Children

There are more precise methods to find the right shoe size for your child. Here are two proven approaches:

  1. Removing the Insole
    One way to determine the correct shoe size is to remove the insole of the shoe and measure your child’s foot against it.Important: There should be about 1 centimeter of space at the front, and the widest part of the foot should align with the widest part of the shoe.
  2. Drawing the Foot Outline
    If the insole cannot be removed, draw your child’s foot outline on cardboard. Make sure your child is standing, as the foot spreads under weight. Cut out the outline and place it in the shoe to check for fit.Here are the detailed steps:
    • Draw the silhouette of your child’s foot on cardboard while they are standing.
    • Draw outlines for both feet, as they can vary in shape and size.
    • Cut out the outlines.
    • Place the cardboard in both shoes.
    • Ensure there is about 1 to 1.2 cm of space at the front for toe movement.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes

In addition to choosing the right size, here are more important tips for children’s foot health:

  1. No Two Feet Are Alike: Measure both feet, as they can differ in shape and size.
  2. Consider the Socks: Think about the thickness of the socks your child will wear. Draw the foot outline with socks on.
  3. Visit Specialty Stores: Always shop at specialized children’s shoe stores and bring your child to try on shoes. Sizes can vary by manufacturer.
  4. Shop in the Afternoon: The best time to buy shoes is late afternoon when the foot is slightly swollen.

With these tips and methods, you’re sure to find the perfect shoe size for your child, ensuring all-day comfort and safety.

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