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Walking Barefoot on the Beach: Benefits and Tips

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Tips for Summer Foot Care

Summer is when our feet are most exposed to the sun, external factors, and ground contact. Due to these conditions and typical summer activities, I’ve compiled several tips to help protect our feet’s skin, prevent infections, and avoid potential issues.

Preventing Injuries and Maintaining Hygiene

Blisters and Friction
In summer, blisters and friction are common as we often skip socks, causing shoe material to rub against the skin. It’s advisable to treat any wounds and change footwear to prevent worsening or blister formation.

Using Flip-Flops
Wearing flip-flops in damp areas like locker rooms, communal showers, or pool entrances is recommended. Avoid walking barefoot on hotel carpets. These areas are breeding grounds for fungi or the human papillomavirus, especially common among children and athletes. To further minimize infection risk, don’t share flip-flops or towels with others.

Sun Protection in Summer
When sunbathing, apply sunscreen to your entire body, including your feet. On beach walks, avoid the hottest hours to escape the high temperatures of the sand, and watch out for sharp objects that could injure your feet.

Drying and Moisturizing Your Feet
A frequently overlooked but crucial tip is thoroughly drying your feet. After a day at the pool, wash your flip-flops and feet thoroughly at home. Finally, massage your feet with a specialized foot cream daily before bedtime.

Appropriate Summer Footwear

It’s important to wear shoes that provide good support. Your feet should fit well at the front and ankle. Therefore, it’s best to avoid prolonged use of flip-flops, as their lack of stability can alter your gait.

By following these simple yet effective tips, we can ensure our feet stay healthy and well-cared-for throughout the summer.

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