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Flip-flops in summer: why their use can be problematic

Flipflops beach summer

Flip-flops are the most popular footwear in summer. No wonder, because they feel comfortable, can be put on in a flash and allow plenty of air to reach the feet. Despite their popularity, they are not always the best choice. In this article, I answer the central question:

Is it harmful to wear flip-flops?

What are the negative effects of overuse of flip-flops?

1. Instability

The design of flip-flops, which has only one strap between the toes, often leads to instability when walking. This increases the risk of sprains and strains. They are also made of less resistant materials, which can easily lead to slipping in wet conditions.

2. Claw Toes

The constant use of flip-flops forces the toes to make an unnatural movement to keep them in place. This creates tension in the toes and the sole of the foot.

3. Plantar Fasciitis

Flip-flops can contribute to inflammation of the plantar fascia as they put additional pressure on this area and the surrounding muscle structures.

4. Change in gait pattern

The prolonged use of flip-flops can change the way you walk by shortening your stride and thus impairing the normal function of the leg muscles.

Recommended alternatives for summer

To keep your feet fresh and safe, it is recommended to wear sandals that support the foot well and do not change the way you walk. There are even sandals specially designed for sports activities.


Although flip-flops are ideal in environments such as swimming pools and beaches to prevent infection, they are not suitable for long walks or running.

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