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Which barefoot shoes are trendy in summer?

Barefoot Shoes ZAQQ QARMA

Barefoot shoes have become very popular in recent years. They are comfortable and offer the user a more natural feeling when walking. They are also associated with health benefits. They can help build muscles and relieve joint pain.
Every year more and more models come onto the market. We have put together the hottest shoes for this summer and every occasion.

Chic barefoot shoes in summer for the office and for going out

Usually you don’t see many people wearing barefoot shoes to work or on a date. But more and more people are not only looking for style, but also for comfort. Barefoot shoes are not only meant for sportive purposes.
Barefoot shoes for work make sure that you feel comfortable all the time. A pair of minimalist shoes for work or going out prevents your feet from being strained and your posture from deteriorating.
If you are planning to buy barefoot shoes for this purpose, you will find our recommendations here:

ZAQQ BRIQ barefoot shoe for elegant gentlemen

ZAQQ BRIQ Barefoot shoes

The ZAQQ barefoot shoe „BRIQ“ is at the top of our recommendation list.
Due to its shape it leaves a lot of space for the toes and you can move them comfortably all day long. This shoe is cut quite high, which relieves your ankle. The manufacturer only uses high quality leathers that allow the foot a pleasant climate. Even several hours in summery temperatures are no problem for this shoe.
For extra comfort, a 2 mm thick long-term cushioning has been built into the entire brine area, which enables extra soft walking.
The BRIQ offers all the advantages of a bar shoe and thus supports the spine and posture. But it also looks simply stunning in terms of its appearance! Modern men certainly cannot find a more comfortable and elegant barefoot shoe!

ZAQQ QARMA for elegant ladies

This barefoot ballerina in black presents itself fantastically beautiful and discreet. You can’t go wrong with it. For a pantsuit, a jumpsuit or a cocktail dress in the evening, everything is possible with these feminine barefoot shoes.

Freet Chukka: Most comfortable leisure barefoot shoes

The Freet Chukka are extremely versatile unisex shoes that can be used as on a city pavement as well as on long country walks. Above all they are simply incredibly comfortable. In these shoes, one does not have the feeling at all that one is wearing street shoes but as if one really walks barefoot.
Despite this warm, comfortable feeling, the Chukka has some real outdoor features, including a stretchy, water-repellent microfiber upper and the durable MultiGrip2 outsole that provides grip on wet and muddy surfaces. Apart from the toe box (part of the sole that extends over the toe box), the Chukkas look just like regular shoes.

Barefoot shoes for sports

With these barefoot shoes you will simply love the natural feeling when running and doing sports. These shoes will encourage you to rediscover the natural running step no matter where you run. They fit your foot perfectly without crushing your toes or your feet.

Here are our best barefoot shoes for the sport:

Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO

Vibram’s best-selling shoes, the KSO EVO, are the ultimate models for minimalist running. You are only one step away from being completely barefoot. Your feet receive the maximum amount of sensory feedback from the ground and remain protected from dirt thanks to the flexible yet durable sole. The 3mm Vibram XS Trek outsole features a zig-zag pattern for superior performance in both wet and dry conditions.
Due to the extremely minimalist design of the KSO EVO, they are not recommended for beginners and are best suited for medium distance running and fitness training. If you are new to barefoot running, we would recommend a shoe that offers more protection when running.

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II

This elegant version of Primus Lite is very environmentally friendly. This barefoot shoe contains recycled PET plastic as well as various plant-based polymers that help to avoid petroleum in the manufacturing process and a high performance foam made from algae biomass. According to Vivobarefoot, this „Bloom“ foam is „the first sustainable alternative to synthetic and petrochemical EVA foam“.
Like the regular Primus Lite, the Primus Lite II is extremely light and highly breathable, making it a great choice for warmer weather or fitness sessions. They also come in handy as spare shoes that you can store in the bottom of a bag, as they take up very little space, especially when folded.

Vivobarefoot Primus Trail FG: A true barefoot all-rounder

If you only had to choose a pair of barefoot shoes first, Vivobarefoots Primus Trail FG would be the perfect choice. They offer an excellent opportunity to get your feet used to walking barefoot first.
The „Firm Ground“ sole is more robust and thicker than other shoes, as it is designed for serious use on trails and requires additional padding. The studs of the sole also provide a protective layer against dirt. Although they provide adequate protection, the Primus Trail FG are remarkably light and can easily be squeezed into a backpack. They are perfect for trail runs, city jogging, gym training and all kinds of indoor and outdoor adventures.

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