ZAQQ - Berlin Barefoot Shoes

    The most comfortable shoes you could possibly imagine.

    We can promise you that "wearing in" new shoes will soon become a thing of the past. Your new ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes won't need breaking-in

    ZAQQ Sustainably produced Barefoot Shoes from Berlin

    For us, sustainability means individual made-to-order production in our own factory in south of Berlin. We don't just avoid longer transport routes and unnecessary waste, we also use green electricity and recycled paper. Our uppers are made from tanned leather, and our soles from recycled rubber. We refrain from using metal in our shoes; there are no loops or other metallic parts on a ZAQQ Barefoot Shoe.

  • Innovative: strong cushioned rubber sole with anti-slip design

    Our Shoesole have an innovative sole construction which is triple-layered for optimum performance and unlike any other shoe. Rubber is extremely flexible and ultra-lightweight, but is also incredibly slip-resistant which guarantees a secure grip. A Strobel construction and Poron cushioning means the structure stays permanently elastic and wear-resistant. Our exclusive, 2-mm thick Hunting leather insole caresses your feet, absorbs impacts, and ensures a healthy wear climate. The result is absolutely perfect support for your natural movements.

  • Healthy: zero heel for joint protection and healthy posture

    Say goodbye to aching joints and back pain. A perfectly straight, flat sole helps maintain your natural posture without tension and fatigue, so that you'll never have to worry about wearing your new ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes, even on the longest days. Whether standing or walking, you'll enjoy every moment, and there's plenty of foot room, separate custom designs for men and women guaranteeing a perfect fit, plus our innovative lacing – the healthiest and most comfortable shoes you'll ever own!

  • Exclusive: Barefoot Shoes are manufactured in Germany and 100% handmade

    Your guarantee of perfect quality: the world's only exclusively German-manufactured Barefoot Shoes. Every part of the build process for each new ZAQQ Barefoot Shoe is carried out in our own factory at South of Berlin. The end product is absolutely unique – a beautiful shoe uncompromisingly hand-crafted from A to Z via a responsible and totally eco-friendly process. The result is the best barefoot shoe you could ever imagine.

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